#887 Spend Your Money Like A Person Of Substance

24 May

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What makes you happy in the long term? Photo via flickr by Worldizen.

When I say person of substance I mean someone who is not putting on a show, trying to make a good impression or interested in superficial matters. I mean someone who is comfortable with him or her self and truly an honorable person. Like someone who would speak up when he or she sees something wrong when everyone else is walking by. Like someone who does something for other people because it makes them feel good. Like someone who would give his or her coat to a homeless person on a cold night because he or she is going somewhere warm.

The person of substance sees what the honorable thing to do is and tries to do it. Why spend your money like a person of substance would?  Here are some reasons why:

  • Stuff doesn’t matter. When you meet people of substance, any stuff they have seems secondary to anything else in their lives. Yeah, they may have a cool gadget or the latest something, but it’s because it was related to another interest or they acquired it without any to-do. They don’t parade their stuff around. If they don’t have something that everyone else has or wants, it doesn’t bother them. They get stuff because it’s related to something more meaningful in their lives, not because everyone else says they should have it.
  • They don’t spend money to have fun. They know that relationships, enjoying small things in life and helping others are all more rewarding then any other activity. And many times those things don’t cost anything at all. Think about the a time when you were absolutely the happiest you can remember. Did it involve a shopping spree? Probably not.
  • They can take fads or leave them. They don’t chase every new thing that comes along on TV, in stores or online. They enjoy the ones they like and leave the ones they don’t.
  • You wouldn’t know if they were a millionaire or middle class. The person of substance is so genuine that money and stuff doesn’t seem to enter into the equation. Like the librarian who lives simply and dies, leaving millions to a charity. Or the wealthy man’s daughter who has a regular job and a modest apartment so that everyone exclaims “you wouldn’t know she was rich!”

Next time you buy something think about what it means to you, why you are buying it and what it will add to your life. The more you think about your life, the more you will realize what you value. And what you value may very well turn out not to be material things. Or in other words, you are a person of substance.

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